This is a fairly long document (48 printed pages). The reader can print the main document and referenced documents from the menu if desired. The reader can also “jump to” any heading of interest. For Amazon SDF8 hourly employees, I might draw their initial attention to “Labor commodity, negotiate” and “June 2016 All hands, APEP.” 

All employment is a reciprocal relationship. The following is based on my perceptions and my opinions grounded in my experience as a Tier One employee at Amazon SDF8 in Jeffersonville, Indiana, since July 2014. SDF8 is a fulfillment center focusing primarily on apparel.

Tier One employees are the labor force of the company, the lowest paid hourly workers. Amazon associate, worker, Tier One employee are synonymous and can be used interchangeably in this document. As an Amazon Tier One employee, I am also a team member. I am for the company, not against it.

I have been working at Amazon for over two years under the conditions I will be describing and that have been documented in other forums. Social scientists will want to study the effects on the human psyche or human psychological system of working in Amazon’s fulfillment center environment under current policies. As a layman, I would suggest consequences such as depression, weakened social bonds, substance abuse, emotional-stress related physical ailments, sleep disorders, reduction of cognitive faculties, all of these with expansive societal implications.