Young Men Managers

Floor managers at SDF8 (Area Managers and Operations Managers) are overwhelmingly young men. (I differentiate between these managers who are salaried and PAs [production assistants] who are Tier Three hourly employees. [There is no Tier Two designation at SDF8–it has been eliminated.] Tier Three production assistants act as managers, make a couple dollars more per hour than Tier One workers, and are underpaid. There are many women PAs.)

I only have minimal contact with one woman AM (Area Manager), and she has been with the company less than one year. All Operations Managers (superior to AMs) are men, as far as I know.

(Addendum: The company announced in the September 2016 All hands meeting that between June and September 2016, Amazon SDF8 hired fifteen new Area Managers, seven of whom are women, and promoted two internally, one of whom is a woman promoted from Area Manager to Operations Manager. This is a drastic hiring ratio change.)

Young men managers are hungry, enthusiastic, mobile, pliant. They follow orders without asking too many questions about policies and repeat the same script with no variance as if they are trained to do so. And, let’s face it, these young men, like Tier One workers, simply need a job.